My blemishes

Oh blemishes! We all have them. We all hate them and at times, like them a little. But we spend a lot of our skin care budget targetting those imperfections just to make them disappear. Or for a quick fix: cover them up with make-up. Blemishes can be frustrating and they can pop up at the worst times, but blemishes are a part of who we are. Our skin is influenced greatly by our environment; food, weather, activities etc.

For me, I was born in the the tropical country of Philippines to Filipino parents with ancestors from across Asia. I’ve been told I have Japanese and possible Spanish ancestors, but I will never find out for sure. With this, my genes is sculptured a certain way which affects my appearance and conditions, externally and internally. With that said, my skin is born for a tropical environment and moving to rainy, windy England, it has affected my skin differently compared to my cousins’s who live in the Philippines.

Like most, I want to get rid of my blemishes. Not hide them, but cradle them into my arms and vigorously sway them about until they disappear. Unfortunately, some will always be there unless I get a ten thousand laser surgery, or take pills that’ll probably make me feel horrible inside. So instead I changed my perspective on tackling my blemishes. I decided to keep my face clean. Thoroughly clean. And not use any harsh chemicals or products on my face.

Here’s my face right now.

This is my face after I’ve showered, cleansed and moisturised my face. As you can see, I have massive pores, red patches, uneven skin tone, uneven lip tone, a lot of tiny face hairs that highlights my pores, blackheads and whiteheads and you can’t see them here, but I have a few spider veins.

You can’t make pores disappear. You can only minimise their appearance hence why there are ‘pore minimiser’ products. Red areas, or if it’s worse: rosacea: a skin condition which on the surface affects people who blush or flush easily but to find out more check out NHS’s Rosacea information. My redness isn’t bothering me much right now, nor do I have any discomfort about them like stinging, but I have read up on a treatment that works wonders which I’ll probably try in the future. However it’s pricey at £18.99:  Dermalex Repair Rosacea Cream at Superdrug. This could also work on the spider veins but they can’t actually be cured but they can be removed via laser surgery. Uneven skin tone is simply how the skin develops overtime as you get older. Babies and kids have the smoothest and balanced skins as they haven’t gone through puberty, a million skin products, and they’re thoroughly taken care of. As for my uneven lip tone, it may be caused by the amount of vinegar I’ve had during my lifetime. Then finally the tiny face hairs. If you think you’ve got a face full of tiny hairs, imagine those hairs in black. They make my pores look bigger, and look like I have a lot of blackheads. But in the end, it’s just hair, and I know that it’s just hair.

I can’t speak for anyone, but I can speak for myself. I’ve been through a series of episodes where I hate my skin and I just want to cover myself up. I get envious of those with what seems like perfect beautiful skin, and then I think to myself, “Do I even know what they’re going through? Or what kind of products they say they’re not using? Or what type of camera they have?” The world is full of deceivers and as my boyfriend said, “We accept being deceived,” and in some ways, he’s right. We all have hope – it’s what keeps us human. So if I want to try a 24K Gold Mask that promises to even out my skin tone, I probably will. But it’s up to you to know where to draw the line.

So this is me showing the world my bare blemished face. These photos were taking using a Canon 500D without any edit.  It’s time to accept blemishes because they truly are a part of us; it portrays our life story across the most visible part of our physical canvas. I’m not saying that all blemishes mustn’t be looked at because I’m no expert and it’s always best to be sure. Thus if you find any part of your skin that looks a little discouraging or, dare I say, unusual, then have a doctor look at it. You never know. So take care of your skin! Treat it like a baby. No harsh chemicals or products, and always always wear sun protection. Your skin is valuable. It can’t be replaced. Even if it’s not what you would see as ‘perfect,’ remember that nothing is or will ever be perfect.

Let’s let our skin breath!



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