My blemishes

Oh blemishes! We all have them. We all hate them and at times, like them a little. But we spend a lot of our skin care budget targetting those imperfections just to make them disappear. Or for a quick fix: cover them up with make-up. Blemishes can be frustrating and they can pop up at the worst times, but blemishes are a part of who we are. Our skin is influenced greatly by our environment; food, weather, activities etc.

For me, I was born in the the tropical country of Philippines to Filipino parents with ancestors from across Asia. I’ve been told I have Japanese and possible Spanish ancestors, but I will never find out for sure. With this, my genes is sculptured a certain way which affects my appearance and conditions, externally and internally. With that said, my skin is born for a tropical environment and moving to rainy, windy England, it has affected my skin differently compared to my cousins’s who live in the Philippines.

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