Welcome to my blog!

A place of desired serenity from a not so chaotic life, but of a messy mind.

I’ve started and restarted blogging for a couple of years now and every time I reboot, I’m just full of ideas and things I want to say. But after a few weeks, I lose that spark again. Gone. Just vanishes. I know a part of that is the lack of discipline and pure laziness. I also wrote a lot of depressing and negative entrees. Recently, I decided enough was enough. No more pessimism. No more pettiness. No more daily emotional breakdowns and cynical thoughts.

Happiness is a state of mind. To be positive, I just have to be positive. My boyfriend claims ‘ignorance is bliss’ constantly over the tiniest things whilst I over react like the drama queen I can be. To give an example, if I get the bigger slice of cake, he wouldn’t care. On the other hand, if his cake is slightlyΒ bigger than mine, I’d sulk. This is a very mediocre example but every negative reaction affects the way the mind processes other things in life. I want to change that. Thus, I believe this blog will help keep me on my toes and not only will I be learning how to be positive in real life, but I also want to transfer that positivity in my writing. Besides happy people live longer and the more you laugh, the more you glow.

So without further ado, here I am! Starting a positive, and happy blog that’s full of joy!